How to Use the KPI Status to Configure Conditional Formatting on the KPI Value Column in Excel 2010

I received a comment from a reader recently on my post, Display of SSAS KPI Indicators in Excel, which asked: 

        Would it be possible to use the status to configure "conditional formatting" on the value column?

To which the response is, absolutely!  Here’s how I set it up in a simple spreadsheet, created from the Adventure Works 2008 cube project:


Let’s say our business rule is:  Give the Revenue column a back color of yellow if the Status is not satisfactory.

Formula to Format Cells

1.  Select cell B4, which is our first Actual value.

2.  Select Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells Rules > More Rules.


3.  In the New Formatting Rule Dialog box:

Apply Rule To:  All cells showing “Revenue” values.  This is very important…otherwise it’ll only do the one cell which would be difficult to maintain.

Select a Rule Type:  Choose the last option, Use a formula to determine which cells to format.

Format values where this formula is true:  D4 < 1 (i.e., the Status column is not “green” or “satisfactory”).  Make sure there’s no $ signs in this formula.  The $ signs make it an absolute reference, and since we want this to apply to all cells showing “Revenue” values, we want it to be a relative reference.

Format:  Fill of yellow (or whatever formatting you desire).


And that’s it!  You can use this formula-driven method to handle several different conditional formatting options in Excel.

Editing an Existing Rule

To modify the above rule after it’s set up:

1.  Go to Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules.


2.  Highlight the correct rule and choose Edit Rule.  You’ll return to the same window you were working in previously.