Recap of SQL Saturday #89 in Atlanta

Thanks to everyone who attended my session "Dashboards...How to Choose Which MSBI Tool" at SQL Saturday #89 in Atlanta this weekend.  The materials are posted on my Presentations page.  The audience was fun & talkative.  I only had one...err, uhh...minor incident while hurling candy.  The facility at Georgia State University was terrific, as you can tell from this pic from my session:

SQL Saturdays are always so much fun - filled with learning & seeing people or meeting new people.  Seeing The Datachix is always a's a pic from the after-party:

Left to right:  Me, Audrey Hammonds (@Datachix2), Julie Smith (@Datachix1)

In addition to catching up with a few folks, I enjoyed meeting a few people like Teo Lachev, Aaron Nelson, Mike Walsh, Jim Christopher, Nick Cain, Grant Fritchey, and Jen Underwood.  My favorite session was probably Adam Jorgenson's - he is one funny guy.

The organizers gave gals shirts that say "data model."  Dudes got shirts that say "I work with models."  Cute, huh?  From what I could tell, the organizers did a mightily terrific job. 

It was a great day.  I sure love our SQL Community.