A Great Lineup of Sessions at SQL Rally 2012

SQL Rally 2012, in Dallas, is coming up in May.  I am honored (and simply shocked) to have two sessions in the lineup.  Both were community picks – how amazing is that?  A huge thanks for everyone who voted.  And, a big thanks to the organizers who I’d imagine are putting in many hours to organize an event of this size.

My Two BI Sessions at SQL Rally

The two sessions I have on the schedule are:

I’m particularly excited about my newest session on Self-Service BI.  It’s a topic near & dear to me since I’m a reformed accountant turned techie.

Full List of BI Sessions at SQL Rally

There’s tons of great sessions across all the areas.  Since I’m a BI kind of gal, I can’t help but focus on the BI-related sessions.  Here’s a list, grouped by topic:


  • Business Intelligence in Azure: SSIS & SSRS Focus - Jen Stirrup (Copper Blue Business Intelligence)

Big Data

  • Fitting Hadoop into your Enterprise BI Strategy - Cindy Gross (Microsoft)

Data Quality Services

  • Introduction to Data Quality Services - Tim Mitchell (Artis Consulting)

Integration Services

  • SSIS Performance Tuning - John Welch (Pragmatic Works)
  • Adapting your ETL Solutions to use SSIS 2012 - Devin Knight (Pragmatic Works)
  • SSIS 2012 - Instrumentation and Logging - Andy Leonard (Linchpin People, LLC)
  • Got a Data Mess the Size of Texas? Data Cleansing Using the "Scrubbing Bubbles" of SSIS - Amy Lewis (Statera)

Reporting Services

  • The Report Part Library: Increasing Development Productivity in Reporting Services - Jessica Moss (CapTech Consulting)
  • Digging into Reporting Services 2012 with SharePoint 2010 - Adam Saxton (Microsoft CSS)

Tabular Model, SSAS, Data Mining

  • Developing and Managing a BI Semantic Tabular Model in SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services - Patrick LeBlanc (Microsoft)
  • DirectQuery vs VertiPaq (cached) mode in Tabular Model (SSAS) - Julie Koesmarno (Independent Consultant)
  • Making Heads or Tails of Analysis Services Storage - Greg Galloway (Artis Consulting)
  • Tuning Analysis Services Performance - John Welch (Pragmatic Works)
  • Zero to Cube - Fast Track to Analytics - Adam Jorgensen & Dustin Ryan (Pragmatic Works)
  • Building a Write-Back Application with Analysis Services - Bryan Smith (Microsoft)
  • Data Mining (It's not the size of your data - it's what you do with it) - Adam Jorgensen & Devin Knight (Pragmatic Works)

Misc BI and Data Warehousing

  • Overcoming Barriers and Avoiding Mistakes with BI - William E Pearson III (Island Technologies Inc.)
  • Data Warehouse Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make - David Stein (WaveTwo )
  • Using Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2012 - Carlos Bossy (Quanta Intelligence)
  • SQL Server 2012 T-SQL - Kathi Kellenberger (Microsoft Corporation)
  • “Managed Self-Service BI” and “Data as a Service” – Melissa Coates (Intellinet)
  • Dashboards…How to Choose Which MSBI Tool – Melissa Coates (Intellinet)

I’m really looking forward to this event in May.  Check out the full Agenda for all 60 General Sessions, & the Pre-Conference Sessions.  See y’all at SQL Rally!