Managing Data Sources in a PowerPivot Gallery

Overview:  A quick tip about how to manage data source connections within a SharePoint PowerPivot Gallery.

The PowerPivot Gallery

The PowerPivot Gallery is a specific type of SharePoint document library, intended for storing & sharing PowerPivot workbooks as well as BISM connections to tabular models.  The PowerPivot Gallery is also well suited for storing self-service reports from Power View and Report Builder.  Silverlight allows the PowerPivot Gallery to be more visually oriented than a standard document library.

The default view for a PowerPivot Gallery is called the “Gallery” view, as shown below.  There’s also a Theater and a Carousel view.



Where to Manage Data Sources

If you want to double check what data source a report is using, or change the data source, you find that under the “All Documents” Library View.  From the Library ribbon menu, select the Current View drop-down and change it to All Documents:


Now we see the more typical document library layout, and the “Manage Data Sources” menu item is available:


The “Manage Data Sources” menu item will be visible for users with Contribute rights, but not for View only rights.