Microsoft BI Integration for the Four Primary Report Types

We are currently experiencing a major evolution of the MSBI reporting toolset in accordance with the Microsoft BI Roadmap announced in October 2015. This diagram depicts current state the way I understand it.

(Updated as of mid-June 2017)

Also, here's a short video walking through the diagram:

  • Analytical reports:  produced in Excel
  • Interactive reports: produced in Power BI Desktop
  • Paginated reports: produced in Reporting Services (SSDT) or Report Builder
  • Mobile reports: produced in the Mobile Report Publisher (previously Datazen)

The four primary report types are in the process of becoming more deeply integrated into:

  • The Power BI Service (a cloud service), and
  • Power BI Report Server (on-premises portal option - includes 3 report types)
  • Reporting Services portal (on-premises portal option - includes 2 report types; requires SQL Server 2016 in native mode). 

As you'll see on the above diagram, every report type isn't compatible everywhere yet though I expect we'll see that over time. As things evolve, I'll keep the diagram updated. Hope you find it useful.

Following is how each of the report types look in the SSRS portal and Power BI when this post was originally written. Since then, there have been quite a few changes (i.e., Power BI Reports can only be rendered in Power BI Report Server -- not in a traditional SSRS portal).