Building Blocks of Cortana Intelligence Suite in Azure

I've been really enjoying learning more and talking with customers about hybrid analytics and data warehousing solutions. The services which are evolving as part of the Cortana Intelligence Suite are really amazing. I've put together a new presentation called the Building Blocks of Cortana Intelligence Suite.

I'll be presenting it for the first time at SQL Saturday Atlanta in May, followed up by the Charlotte BI Group and Carolina IT Pro Group in June. This will be a fast-moving introductory session wherein I'll introduce each component of the suite and discuss its purpose and use cases. I'll also call out important requirements for expertise, such as key tools and languages.

Each section will wrap up with an example of the 'building blocks' to formulate a solution. Although these 'building blocks' examples are greatly simplified, my hope is it will generate ideas for how the different Azure components can fit together for formulating hybrid solutions. 

The materials will changing over time as I refine the presentation and as new capabilities in Azure evolve and mature, so check back later for updates.

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