New Whitepaper on Planning a Power BI Enterprise Deployment

I'm excited to share that a new technical whitepaper I co-authored with Chris Webb is published. It's called Planning a Power BI Enterprise Deployment. It was really a fun experience to write something a bit more formal than blog posts. My interest in Power BI lies in how to successfully deploy it, manage it, and what the end-to-end story is especially from the perspective of integration with other data assets in an organization. Power BI has grown to be a huge, wide set of features so we got a little verbose at just over 100 pages.

A huge thank you to Chris Webb for inviting me to be his co-author. Chris is not only whip-smart, but a total pleasure to work with. 

Another big thank you to Meagan Longoria for being our tech editor. I like to think of myself as detail-oriented, but I've got nothin' compared to her eagle eye.

We worked primarily with Adam Wilson at Microsoft in terms of getting information, so he deserves a thank you as well for dealing with the questions that Chris and I peppered him with week after week.

I hope you find the whitepaper to to be useful.