PASS Videos

What’s New with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 (9:41) - recorded Oct 2018

BlueGranite Webinars

Selecting a Data Warehousing Technology in the Azure Cloud (56 min) - recorded Jan 2018

BlueGranite Videos

Overview of Microsoft BI Reporting Tool Integration (5:07) - recorded April 2016

Tour of Azure Data Catalog (4:51) - recorded September 2015

Selecting a Reporting or Data Visualization Tool (4:13) - recorded June 2015

Older videos with technology that is no longer applicable have been removed from this page. 

Podcast with Data Driven

Melissa Coates on Data Lakes, BI, and Dogs (42 min) - recorded September 2017

SentryOne Webinar

Tales from Building a SQL Server Data Warehouse in Azure (1 hr 11 min) - recorded June 2017

Podcast with SQL Data Partners

Ask Me Anything: Cortana Intelligence Suite (35 min) - recorded August 2016

PASS Cloud Virtual Chapter - YouTube

Building Blocks of Cortana Intelligence Suite in Azure (57 min) - recorded September 2016


Older videos applicable to aged technology have been removed from this page.