BlueGranite Webinars

Overview of Power BI Dataflows (60 min) - recorded March 2019 (+ slides are here)

Selecting a Data Warehousing Technology in the Azure Cloud (56 min) - recorded Jan 2018

BlueGranite Videos

Overview of Microsoft BI Reporting Tool Integration (5:07) - recorded April 2016

Tour of Azure Data Catalog (4:51) - recorded September 2015

Selecting a Reporting or Data Visualization Tool (4:13) - recorded June 2015

Older videos with technology that is no longer applicable have been removed from this page. 


PASS Videos

What’s New with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 (9:41) - recorded Oct 2018

Podcast with Data Driven

Melissa Coates on Data Lakes, BI, and Dogs (42 min) - recorded September 2017

SentryOne Webinar

Tales from Building a SQL Server Data Warehouse in Azure (1 hr 11 min) - recorded June 2017

Podcast with SQL Data Partners

Ask Me Anything: Cortana Intelligence Suite (35 min) - recorded August 2016

PASS Cloud Virtual Chapter - YouTube

Building Blocks of Cortana Intelligence Suite in Azure (57 min) - recorded September 2016


Older videos applicable to aged technology have been removed from this page.