A New Adventure at SQL Sentry

For the last 8 years, consulting roles have offered me a chance to learn and grow and expand my skills. Learning all of the time is really pivotal to my sense of happiness and satisfaction. In particular, BlueGranite has been an absolutely fantastic employer. They have a ton of really sharp people who are smart, motivated, and fun to be around. The leadership team truly values their technical staff, and they are trustworthy. I will miss a ton of people at BlueGranite (especially a few...you know who you are), but it's time for a new adventure.

As of October 3rd I'll be joining the SQL Sentry team as a BI Architect. I'll be the second BI-type of person to join their staff. The first is Jim Benton, who I worked with at a previous employer. In fact, this job change is all Jim's fault - he spoke so incredibly highly of SQL Sentry that I just had to look into this new role they created.

So what will I be doing? Since I don't yet have clarity on what's proprietary information and what's not, I'll just say that I'll be helping with BI and analytics for their product line, as well as internal analytics projects. Some of the projects in the pipeline are going to be seriously awesome.

If you're not familiar with SQL Sentry, they are a software development company. SQL Sentry creates monitoring and performance optimization software for SQL Server, Windows, and some Azure components which are related to SQL Server. They have a variety of paid offerings in their suite of tools, but you can get started for free with a fantastic tool called Plan Explorer

As I write this I'm enjoying a week of leisurely life in between jobs. Well, leisure mixed in with a little closet cleaning and weed pulling that is. I look forward to posting all sorts of new info soon, and it'll be really interesting to see how my technical focus shifts over time.