New eBook - Data Lakes in a Modern Data Architecture

This is a quick announcement of a new resource available published to the BlueGranite site.

If you're interested in data lakes, you might want to check out an updated ebook just published to the BlueGranite site. It's called "Data Lakes in a Modern Data Architecture." This ebook was originally published about 3 years ago by Chris Campbell. If you saw the original, you'll note we retained the same 'look and feel' but about 90% of the content has been updated.


I wrote the updated content from a practical point of view, totally hype-free. The table of contents:

  • Modern Data Architecture
  • Business Needs Driving Data Architectures to Evolve and Adapt
  • Principles of a Modern Data Architecture
  • Data Lake + Data Warehouse: Complementary Solutions
  • Tips for Designing a Data Lake
  • Azure Technologies for Implementing a Data Lake
  • Considerations for a Successful Data Lake in the Cloud
  • Getting Started with a Data Lake

To download the ebook, BlueGranite will ask for you to register your information. That's common for premium content like this. We take a low-key approach to sales, so I can assure you that registration only means you'll receive notifications of new content that you may find interesting.

I'll be updating the ebook from time to time. For example, it already needs updating to reflect the new changes in Azure Data Lake Store Gen 2. 

At 23 pages, the ebook just begins to explore a lot of considerations. To see if we can help you dive in deeper (pun intended), please contact us. I hope you enjoy reading the ebook as much as I enjoyed writing it.