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Hi!  I'm Melissa Coates.  Thanks for visiting my site about Microsoft Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Analysis, and Visualization with Corporate BI and Self-Service BI tools. 

I am a Solution Architect with BlueGranite. We specialize in several areas including data warehousing, big data, enterprise reporting, business intelligence and advanced analytics, and also offer strategy development, solution implementations, training and mentoring services.

If you are here for Power BI information...there's some outdated information on the site. If the tag is 'Power BI for Office 365' then it applies to the deprecated version, in which case the information is out of date. If the tag is 'Power BI' then it applies to the V2 version which went out of Preview into General Availability on 7/24/2015. Tags are listed at the bottom of each post.

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